April 2004

Dear Friends & Supporters,

It is with joy and anticipation that we greet you in the lovely name of Jesus!

First off, take a look at the picture of the church in Ouagadougou. It is completely finished, and we were able to dedicate it this January when we were out putting up tabernacle churches in Niger. It was a very exciting day to see over five hundred people singing and praising the Lord. The church itself is now running over one hundred. Thank you for making this possible!

When the last harvest is over, and we are ushered .into His presence, you will see these souls from Ouagadougou. That will be the day of days - when you see how your investment paid off.

Now I wish to share with you a very heavy burden that God has laid upon my heart. The day after the church was dedicated, three pastors came to see us. The superintendent of Ouagadougou, the secretary, and treasurer sat in the living room, and laid a manila folder on the table. The superintendent said, “We have been praying all day, and have felt led of the Spirit to come and present to you our burden. In this folder, there are papers of ownership for twenty plots of land to build churches. We have twenty pastors and twenty congregations, but we don't have one church building. Also most of these properties are in Muslim areas, and we only have a short time to start some kind of building program on these sites or lose them.”

I saw their tears and felt the passion of their hearts, and our heart was smitten with this awesome burden. I believe that God wants us to be the channel through which He can work to put tabernacle churches on all those plots. Mom and I are willing to do our part. God is willing to do His part, so we are asking you to join us in giving and praying. We can still put up a tabernacle church in Africa for $5,000.


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