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YOU can be a part of this ministry without ever leaving your own country. If you would like to become a partner in evangelizing the world, you can help us in two ways:
   1. through lifting us up in prayer, and
   2. by your financial support.

We are currently investigating the possibility of launching Christian Medical Missionary Teams into some of the more remote parts of Africa. These teams would help us establish medical outposts and train workers to provide much needed basic medical assistance to thousands of Africans who would otherwise have to suffer without any treatment. This is a real opportunity to help minister the gospel in a tangible way.

If you are interested in helping fund such an effort, would like to be a part of such a future team, or would be willing to help us find sources of medical supplies to take to the field, then please contact us at the address listed below at the bottom of this page.

Our current ONGOING PROJECTS are as follows:

Sponsoring a Covenant Bible College student in Durban, South Africa only $20 per month
Sponsoring a West African Advanced School of Theology student only $100 per month.
Helping to sponsor a radio outreach program only $500 per month.
Sponsoring an evangelistic crusade in Africa only $2,000
Helping us build a new church - starting at: only $5,000
Building a new medical clinic - starting at: only $2,000
Providing medical clinic supplies - starting at: $1,000 per month

Your prayers and your financial support are VITAL if we are to train up and send forth godly men and women to help spread the gospel of Christ and establish new churches throughout Africa. Your gifts and financial donations will NOT be wasted, and will go FAR in helping us reach the lost and build up the church of Christ in Africa.

May God bless you as you enter into His labors,

Rev Charity C. Harris


For further information, please
Email Me: C.C. Harris, at charity.harris @

or write us at:

Worldwide Good News Crusades
P.O. Box 1362
Sand Springs, OK 74063

Worldwide Good News Crusades is a non-profit organization registered with the State of Oklahoma working with a board of directors, and has tax exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service section 501(C3). We are a work of faith, not underwritten by any organization. We are authorized to issue tax exempt receipts for gifts and offerings received.

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