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Charity Harris was born in a slave shack in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and his family moved to Oklahoma when he was only nine months old. His father earned a living as a sharecropper. When Charity graduated from high school in 1944, he entered the military during World War II and fought on the battlefield for many months. He served his country for two years, but by the time he came home from the war, Charity (like so many others) was in the depths of sin.

Upon his return to Skellytown, Texas, where his family had moved, a revival was in progress at a local church. Charity went to the meeting with his mother just to please her, but the moment he stepped into the little church, the Holy Spirit reached inside his heart and called him away from sin. It was at that same altar that he was filled with the Holy Spirit and was called into the ministry. It was at that same church that he met and married his wife Ruth. Together they began to minister as preachers of the Good News.

A few years later, in January of 1957, Charity and Ruth Harris began their missionary career. They pioneered in Tanzania, in the district of Njome. There, Charity built a mission station while living in a small tent, and studied the Swahili language while building the house where he would live. At the end of three months, Charity knew the language well enough to begin to minister in it.

They began their African ministry in a Chieftain’s village where four of his wives later found salvation. Charity and Ruth built the first evangelical church in the Njombe District and baptized 39 people by immersion. This was the first baptism by immersion in the District. After building this first church, people came from the surrounding villages asking for Charity and Ruth to come to their village. Many church congregations were started in this manner and many churches were built in the bush.

Ruth and Charity went to Malawi to pioneer again in 1963. This time they went to the Zomba area and built another mission station. Here the country was more thickly populated, with over four hundred people per square mile. In sixteen months they were able to start sixteen new churches, but their stay in Malawi was cut short when Charity became ill. In just a few months Charity's weight dropped by 50 pounds. His deteriorating health forced them to return home for treatment.

By the time he reached the States, Charity’s illness was so severe that his doctor recommended that he never return to Africa. But God had different plans! God healed Charity (praise the Lord!) and they returned to Africa where they continued to fulfill the calling of God upon their lives.

This time God sent them to South Africa, where they were impressed by the Holy Spirit to conduct Good News Crusades under a tent. Once again, this tent evangelism was a pioneer effort. They conducted over one hundred and fifty tent crusades, and preached to over a million people! Many many souls were saved during this time.

They also initiated a new church among the Asians, a population that had come to South Africa over one hundred years ago to help build sugarcane plantations. Now there are at least three million Asians living in South Africa, and there are over twenty-five Asian churches in the Durban area alone.

Charity and Ruth later felt led by the Holy Spirit to go to the West African countries and conduct Good News Crusades. They went to Togo in 1990 and conducted their first crusade in a village called "Bad Man". The Chief attended more than half of the nightly meetings. He was so moved by the Gospel that he offered land to help build a church. This was the beginning of Charity and Ruth’s efforts in raising funds to build tabernacle churches.

A tabernacle church is a frame building consisting of steel stances with a gable pitch. Also, a corrugated iron roof is put on. The African church then puts then adds a concrete floor, windows, and doors. Seven (7) tabernacle churches can be sent in one slim container for shipment overseas. The cost per tabernacle church is only $5000 (US dollars). Charity and Ruth also take work crews to Africa to assist in erecting these structures.

Charity and Ruth have been faithfully serving God for nearly 50 years now. Their efforts have grown to include the establishment of training centers for ministers, as well as helping to fund their education. In recent months there have been plans to help build small radio stations to reach outlying areas, and are taking steps to establish medical clinics in remote areas.

You are invited to become partners with Charity and Ruth. They need monthly commitments towards their evangelistic crusades, and funding a variety of other projects. You can also give funds to build a new church or perhaps even help build one on location in Africa itself.

A Personal Message from Reverend Charity Harris:

I believe that as long as there is time, God has promised us a harvest (Gen. 8:22). It is up to the Church to claim His promise for a harvest of souls, and God will pour out His Spirit when we seek the Lord with all of our hearts. The Church needs miracles to lift it from slumber, and the Lord will work with signs and wonders when we expect Him to. He has never failed us before, and I don't believe that He will fail us is these last days of the last days.

I look forward to every church service with expectation, because where the Lord is present then anything can happen. The Church will be revived when we all start believing that God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us. Eph. 3:20

Rev Charity C. Harris


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