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       Rev Charity & Ruth Harris

Worldwide Good News Crusades was founded by the Reverend Charity C. Harris. He and his wife Ruth have been involved in missionary work and evangelism for over 50 years. Although the majority of their work has centered on missions designed to reach the lost and hurting in Africa, their goal has always been that of reaching those who have not heard the Gospel whether that be at home or abroad.

Although Charity Harris and his wife Ruth now reside primarily in the U.S., he is constantly busy raising funds for the establishment of new churches, for the training of new missionaries, for building training centers, for the many ongoing missionary and evangelistic efforts, and for the construction of both small radio stations and the building of medical clinics in remote locations.

Several times a year Charity leads a small group of volunteers to Africa to help erect new tabernacles and conduct evangelistic services. It is an invaluable opportunity for those who are interested in missions and evangelism and who want to experience the blessing of doing something for the kingdom of God that will last long after they leave the country. It's hard work, in a foreign culture, but it will forever affect your life and the lives of others. Even if you can't come to Africa with us, there are many other ways you can help us reach the lost - each one vital to our success.

Charity and Ruth have lived and preached the gospel of Jesus Christ with warmth humor and honesty in places as far away as Africa, Australia, Ireland, as well as throughout the United States. The simple honesty and deep insight of Charity's preaching has been anointed by God's Holy Spirit to inspire and deeply touch the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

At home, the integrity of both Charity and Ruth's personal lives continue to inspire their four children and their spouses, their grandchildren, and all those who know them. The testimony of their lives will one day be an inspiring legacy for their great grandchildren as well.

Reverend Charity Harris now offers a number of books that convey many of the lessons he and his wife Ruth have walked out over their many years of faithful service to the Lord. Their many time tested valuable insights will benefit anyone who desires a closer more productive walk with God.

We invite you to browse through this web site and learn a bit more about this ministry, and how you too can help to make a difference.

May God richly bless you.

Rev. Charity Harris and Ruth Harris


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Worldwide Good News Crusades
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Worldwide Good News Crusades is a non-profit organization registered with the State of Oklahoma working with a board of directors, and has tax exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service section 501(C3). We are a work of faith, not underwritten by any organization. We are authorized to issue tax exempt receipts for gifts and offerings received.

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